Thursday, May 7, 2009

After a mad dash to finish essays

I can finally relax.

I turned in two essays today and it feels good. Now I can stop watching the clock, wondering how much more time I can afford to stay awake. Procrastinating sucks, friends.

This blog most likely won't be meaningful to a lot of people... they're just thoughts and musings I wanted to get out.

Last week I experienced the slightest tremor, enough to rattle the shelves and cupboards in my room. It hardly lasted a few seconds, and I don't even think it was listen on that website that tracks down California earthquakes. But ever since then I've been imagining tremors in my room. Now, I live in a three-story townhouse in a gated community. Apparently in the event of an earthquake, the buildings were designed to sway with the motion, as trees do, which is supposed to lessen the probability of falling over. But still, being in my room on the third story during any kind of earthquake is freaking scary and now my mind is making up tremors. Guh.

I was talking to Jose yesterday about how I feel my creativity has been drained since high school. I thought he might have felt the same way, since he doesn't blog or write at length as much as he used to, but he attributes that to lack of time (that's not spent doing school, bboying, watching Hulu, or playing Team Fortress 2) rather than lack of creativity. Maybe I should take a math class again. I really never thought I'd see myself admit it, but I kind of miss math. I miss calculus jokes with Brent. Calculus jokes, people, do you realize the gravity of my nerdiness?

I don't know why people like to run. I don't mean it in any kind of metaphorical way, I mean, physically running for pleasure. I do not get pleasure from running. In fact, running would be at the very bottom of my list of Favorite Exercises. One time I nearly fell forward from sprinting. That feels weird. Running also hurts my knees. Maybe I'm running wrong, but I just don't like that. I much prefer bicycling or swimming, which I actually don't know how to do. Doggy paddle ftw? Back when I used to work out at the YMCA gym, I spent a lot of time on the ellipticals. I love those things. I love moving my legs in circular motions.

Which probably explains why I'm horrid at muy thai kicks.

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