Monday, May 4, 2009

Just slap your troubles away!

I can't get over how hilarious and catchy this is.

I've been looking back at some of my old blogs, mostly because Brent told me that he recently read through EVERY SINGLE ENTRY on BOTH of them. So firstly, he gets a billion brownie points and his position as "best friend" is guaranteed security for the next three years.

Anyway, Brent commended me on my ability to keep up with blogging for so many years. Because of it, I've effectively chronicled my life at different stages, or at least Brent sees it that way, and he also thinks that my "blogging style" has changed a lot over the years. I basically went from treating blogs as personal journals (much like my paper journals) to really thinking about what I post, trying to relate personal thoughts and experiences to things more abstract that I feel others can relate to or take away from.

I started to think about how odd it was for me to "grow out of" the blogs that I did, like my Xanga. I don't know why, but I just grew out of it, got tired of it (not to mention my handle is kind of embarrassing now). Same with the Vox. Am I going to grow out of this blogger? I really like my handle "theJollity," and it feels like I've cemented my internet persona under that name. Hell, I've got friends in real life calling me "Jolls" and using the word "jollity" only in reference to me. At the same time, I want something a little more. I know I can post virtually anything here, be it writings, photos, videos or the like, but I'd love to make it my own portfolio website, with a gallery and everything.

I've toyed with the idea of creating a lifestream, an amalgamation of all my internet activity displayed on one neat page. But doesn't Facebook do that? I can post photos, videos, notes, links, statuses, AND I can network... there goes the need for flickr, youtube, blogs, digg, twitter and other social networking sites. It's really hard to argue against the functionality of Facebook.

But I still want something to call my own, and I think I'll start doing it over the summer.
I'll create a lifestream, but it will probably only consist of three things:
  • this blog
  • my tegaki-e site (which I'll start up again, for sketches)
  • my stumbleupon account (social bookmarking ftw!)
I don't want to overcrowd.
As for an online portfolio, I'm going to use the server space my school provides to create a Flash-based online portfolio and resume. I'm learning how to do action-scripting in Flash in my computer art class, so I'm off to a good start. I think I sought to originally create this blog as a sort of quasi-"professional" place in which to display my artwork, but with my history of blogging, it didn't happen, and it ain't gonna happen now.

What's most likely going to happen with this blog is I'll fix it up nice n'pretty to make it into a sort of lifestream. I'll probably give it a Wordpress-ish layout. I nearly moved to Wordpress for their layouts, but that was before I found out I can skin blogger to act just like it. Really I just want some tabs, lol.

So there, summer projects for me!
On top of shoe-customizing and money-making, however that's gonna happen.

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Big J said...

awww i remember when i used to have a xanga