Thursday, May 14, 2009

Last day of school! Last day of school!

I can almost remember sitting here typing the entry "First day of school! First day of school!"
It's been a really good school year, in my opinion. None of the classes had a heavy workload, at least not heavy in the sense that it was constant. Rather I had just a few big assignments: my studio art classes each had only about 4-5 projects to do throughout the semester, my astronautics class had a few homeworks spread out but the main focus was the paper, nonverbal had like two papers, art history had one (which I totally got an A- on, by the way). It was good, but it really tested my organizational abilities. This semester I got a whiteboard calendar in which I kept track of assignments and important dates in general.

Hahaha, it's so convenient having my mom's camera stuck in my room. I recently realized that I do enjoy taking pictures and videos. I should get my own camera.

Anyway, sometimes I slipped—the due date to a rough draft completely slipped my mind as I thought of some other project, I'd mix up projects in my head, etc. In the end I think I did all right. I HOPE I did all right.

Never did get to enter that NASA art contest from my Computer Arts class.

I do know how to (rather painstakingly) animate and create Flash-based websites now. Yay!
I have a notion of what "good typography" is. Don't be surprised if you start hearing, "Oooh, what font is that?" from me more often.
I sort of have a grip on astronautics. It's fun, but I unfortunately made sleeping through bits of the class a habit.
I know more about the mind-body connection via nonverbal communication.
I cultivated deeper love and appreciation for Renaissance art, and have determined my favorite artists of the time to be Michelangelo and Titian. Oh, Michelangelo.

Today I got smoothies at Robeks with Mika because we thought, we want smoothies, why not? Afterward we got Burger King, and I really wanted the collectible Star Trek glass (the Spock one) because I a) loved the Star Trek movie, and b) remembered when we used to have the same Disney collectible glasses, and I loved them to bits. Unfortunately we got no such glass (they were out), but as a consolation, they gave me the worst stomach ache I've had in years. Have you ever had a feeling like you were being stabbed and bombed from inside of your stomach as beads of cold sweat started to form all over your body? Yea, that's how I felt.

Hour in bathroom, two hours in bed.
Finished reading Ender's Shadow. Liked it, but I still like Ender's Game better. Ender is still much more fascinating and relatable to me than Bean is.

All I've got is finals week ahead of me!
Here's what it looks like:

  • Monday: Study for Nonverbal Comm final, Take Nonverbal Comm final, go home and study for Art History final, write Art History short paper
  • Tuesday: Go into Comp Arts room for help with Flash project (I'm gonna need it), Take Art History final and turn in short paper, go home and do Astronautics final and revise term paper
  • Wednesday: Work on Flash some more, work on term paper more if needed, turn in Astronautics paper, go home and work my ass off on Flash
  • Thursday: Turn in Flash project
  • Friday: Pick up final project for Typography
It kind of bothers me that I have like one thing every single day but whatever. I have time to do what I need to, and that's a good thing.

I say this every summer, but I'm going to try to get a job. My position at Summer Studios is a fine one, but my boss can't really afford to keep me in a regular paid position right now. I've always hesitated getting a summer job because I usually spend a lot of time taking trips (like to Texas again) and wouldn't think they'll take me if they knew I'd be out for like a month, or they wouldn't take me if I just jumped in the middle of the summer. Clearly I think way too damn much and am just going to jump into it and hope for the best. Money would sure be nice, seeing as I've got a painting class coming up next Fall semester... my wallet's going to take quite a beating.

Speaking of next semester, here are the classes I've got in the line up:
  • Intro to Painting
  • Graphic Design I (woooo finally!)
  • American Religious Diversity
  • Marketing (new minor! This is waitlisted though, hope I get in!)
  • Marine biology (needed this, hope it's good!)
Wooo schooly school. My classes look mighty fine. I'm way more excited for my art classes more than anything, though.

And while I'm making all these lists anyway, here's what I got planned for the Summer:
  • Shoe customizing (not giving up on you yet!)
  • Working (hopefully)
  • Design overhaul on this blog
  • Texaaaaasss!
  • Continue Story with Brent (I hope you are reading this!)
Really I could have just hit all the lists and that's it, but I wouldn't have gotten to my Horrible Burger King Experience. Whatever.

Anywho, I feel all right now. Stomach's still a little shaky, but I'm okay.
I'll have my Spock glass yet!

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