Sunday, May 31, 2009

To my invisible followers

The 'Followers' widget does not show up on my blog, nor can I see you all when I click on the "# Followers" link on my Dashboard. That is what shows up, right up there.

I'm using Mozilla Firefox, and I've also tried to access this in Safari, but to no avail. What's going on?

It's becoming frustrating for me because my Dashboard says I'm gaining Followers, but I can't see them.

Does anybody else have this problem?

More importantly, if you follow this blog, please reply to this post with a comment identifying yourself. I sure would love to know who's reading up on me so I can perhaps return the favor ;)


Justin said...

I had no problems whatsoever with it on Google Chrome, and haven't looked yet now that I'm using Firefox again.

Safari sucks anyway, though. :P

Brent said...

Maybe Javascript is turned off or Block Ads is turned on.. no idea why those would affect it. But I see it fine.

maxinegray said...

Oooo I'm following/stalking you!

It's me maxii.. whee...

I have no internet words of wisdom for you sadly.. All I can do is click thee buttons.