Saturday, June 20, 2009


Thanks Justin for totally havin' my back, yo.

I went to charch with de pamily. That is all of FSK, Amah, Kong-Kong, and auntie Jing hurray! And my mother of course. After that we rendez-voused with our other aunties and Sammy at Noodle Planet in Westwood, which is ALWAYS delicious, always. I swear, FSK was so dang retarded right then, laughing at every single thing ever.

Auntie Jing: *moves bit of leafy garnish to the side* Excuse me.
Jordan: *laughing ass off for about 5 minutes*
Rest of FSK: The hell are you laughing at?
Jordan: She... she said "excuse me" to the garnish!

I had a birthday dinner for the Great Jason Tadeo to attend at 6PM, so we were all hustlin' to get outta there. I got Diddy Riese cookies then we rendez-voused (it's a verb I swear!) at my auntie Lovey's house to raid her old junk and claim some of them for our own. I got red sneakers! Yay!

We left at around 5:45 and I was getting all fretty because I thought I'd totally miss out if I was late, since it was semi-formal and had six courses for dinner.

I ended up getting there at 6:45 and they still didn't eat! I was surprised and happy. I saw some people I'd met at Jason's Christmas party, and José of course. Turns out that the dinner actually had NINE courses, but some of them were tiny portions so it was bearable. I mostly interacted with José, Rex, a woman named Salmay (sp?) and this one other girl whose name escapes me. Good times and gravy, that was pretty fun. I had a wee bit of bubbly as well, just a tist-taste of the white, the red, and the champaaaagne. The champagne is the best. What was it? ALLEGRO MUSCATO. I need to remember that for when I am legal and can drink whenever the hell I want, because that was delicious.

After the long, LONG dinner (I was fit to bust by then, in my tight blue dress with the silver sash I had to loosen to accommodate my food-baby), I stuck around for a wee, then I had to skipper on home.

And now I am home.
And I have to finish packing for TEHAS.



Lauren Ashley said...

You know... technically, it's Tejas... :D

This made me giggle endlessly, I loved it! :) And the Champagne... was it sweet or straight up? I'm more of a desert wine person myself. :)

Jordan said...

OH YES, t'was dessert wine. Glorious dessert wine. I really will have to remember that when I can drink whenever the hell I want.