Sunday, June 28, 2009

Attention, please. This is your new pilot speaking.

Heeeeey everyone! Name's Justin, and I'm the guy Jordan mentioned a couple days ago, over at Random Ramblings of a Rational Mind, and I was asked to do a guest blog today! I was gonna write something random and potentially fun, but then I saw some updates come through on my Twitter program, twhirl.

Lo and behold, the morning after I write a blog about celebrity deaths, Billy freaking Mays goes and kicks the bucket! I swear, I'm innocent.... But seriously, though, how bad is that timing? "'Oh yeah, these people died and they were famous.' *NEXT DAY* '... Another one bites the dust?'"

Some of ya might not know who Billy Mays is. Not sure how that's possible, given how ungodly loud and boisterous he was during his informercials, but he was an infomercial salesman, as well as one of the two guys on the show "Pitchmen". A couple of the products he's really known for are Orange Glo and Oxi Clean (both of which work great), and I was pretty shocked to hear that he was dead.

I'll be honest, though -- as much as I feel for his family, and know that his death sucks... I'm a terrible person. As is evidenced by my Twitter over the last few days. I respect their work, but Billy Mays and Michael Jackson are great targets for my horrible sense of humor, so I'll feel more than free to make jokes. Like I said, terrible person.

It is a sad thing to see so many people passing within such a short amount of time, though. Within the last week, we've lost three icons and a man with the devil's voice (Mays)*. It's kinda weird, really. Let's hope that no more pass on, or it's going to end up being blarg-ers like Jordan and I who end up being noteworthy..... Then again.... Bwahahahaha!

Oh, sorry. Evil twin moment there... Yeah, that's what it was.... (I plead the fifth)

Well, I suppose I've rambled on enough, probably more than you guys wanted to put up with. I thank Jordan greatly for giving me this chance to guest-post, and under penalty of severe punishment (I'm afraid to ask :P), here's a little promotion of my blog and Twitter. Jordan kinda made it clear that if I didn't promote my blog, there would be consequences. Eep! :P

So, feel free to come on over and check out my blog, and follow me on Twitter, too! Here's the link-ity links, and a link to the article about Mays.


*EDIT: Forgot to explain the "devil's voice" bit that I asterisked. The man could sell freaking anything. It is entirely possible that he had the voice of the Devil. Just me being both blasphemous and halfway amusing lol. :D


Ali Cat said...

So 5 dollars to who ever guesses who's next correcly... I have ron jeramy LOL

Jenny said...

McDonalds is coming out with a new burger to remember MJ's death. It's a 50 year old peice of meat between two 10 year old buns.