Saturday, June 27, 2009

Austin, Houston!

So this was a part of the breakfast I had this morning at our hotel in Austin, where we stayed last night. By the way, I totally had internet there, ha!


When we got to Austin, we checked into our hotel and napped for a shorty short bit before heading into town. We hit up 6th Street, which apparently had a lot of stuff to see. They were mostly bars and clubs and restaurants, which we weren't too interested in at the time, although we did get to stop by this eclectic music shop with a chalk drawing of Michael Jackson in the front. We also stopped by this smallish modern art gallery before bolting out of there in favor of a different mall and a movie.

We didn't do much at the mall that was already closing. We did eat at a Korean BBQ restaurant though, and then hit up the cinema nearby to watch The Proposal. It was really good, actually! Kind of predictable, but sometimes, predictable is very nice.

We stayed the night, then got up and had breakfast! That Texas waffle was SO CUTE. We went to the Texas History Museum and walked through three floors of Texas history. Damn, these Texans sure are proud. You can see where it comes from in their history, though. After all, they DID fight long and hard to keep this place!

Afterward we drove over to

where I am now blogging from! As a city, Houston is a lot prettier and bigger and more-LA-like than Austin was. I suppose state capitols aren't as interesting as other big cities. We also have free internet for a day here, since it's the same kind of hotel (Courtyard Marriott). We went over to another mall, which was bigger n' better than the one in Austin. Hell, despite that, Mika and I pretty much stuck to one store only called A'Gaci.

It's kind of like Forever 21 ("XXI"), but better quality, and about the same (if not cheaper) price. I ended up getting leggings and a dress, even though I kind of wanted to buy the whole store. Shame it isn't in California :(
Afterward we ate at a Japanese restaurant/bar called Sage 400. Really good stuff, my sister and I shared a huge serving of chicken katsu and we ate tempura ice cream at the end. Mmmm.

My dad moved our trip schedule around, so we're actually staying here for two nights and leaving for New Orleans on Monday. That way we get to see more of Houston, like the Johnson Space Center (coming tomorrow!) and Galveston and such.

I'm not sure that I'll be able to get online and blog tomorrow, or the rest of the trip—we'll see how the internet situation is in New Orleans. If that's the case, ya'll are gettin' a guest blogger ;)

'Til next time!

Jolls out!
PS: I just realized that this blog still runs on California time. Even if I try to adust the time, it won't actually post it until it's that time in California. So uh, FYI, this was posted 2 hours ahead, in Texas time. So, around 10:40PM-ish. All right.


Lauren Ashley said...

Woo! I'm glad you're having fun. I miss A'gaci! Forever 21 is an acceptable substitute, but I DO miss A'gaci.

Brent said...

Sounds so exciting, you're getting to see a lot of the country!!! I'm most excited in how different you're gonna speak after all this time there. :P

Jordan said...

A'gaci is definitely better than Forever 21, at least for me! It hits all the right styles I love, right on the head!

And Brent, I don't think I'll be speaking any differently than I already do XD I'll probably say "ya'll" more than normal, but I won't have a twang or a drawl XD I think...
By the way, I had a dream about you speaking Russian. Yes. XD