Monday, June 1, 2009

Back once again: NABLOPOMO

Just when you thought I'd ditched NaBloPoMo after having that two-months-straight bloggage go on, here I come again!

For those unfamiliar, NaBloPoMo stands for National Blog Posting Month. It's a spin-off of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), but instead of writing one 50k-workd novel for one month straight, you have to write a blog entry for each day of the month—and this happens every month! You get to choose which month to join, and there is no word limit or count to reach. Each month also comes with its own theme, which you can choose to write about.

The Theme of the Month is Heroes.
Can somebody say, destiny? Jai ho! XD

I can't say that I'll stick to the theme, but I can stick it in every now and again.

You can view all the other June 2009 participants at the NaBloPoMo June 2009 Blogroll.

While going through the blogroll, I came across a blog that listed a bunch of odd little things celebrated in June. Oooh, this'll make this month even MORE interesting! Allow me to repost it here:
June is...

Candy Month
Gay Pride Month
National Adopt a Cat Month

01. Dare Day - Dare someone or yourself to do something crazy!
02. National Rocky Road Day - Eat some Rocky Road at the local Ice Cream shoppe!
03. Repeat Day - Repeat your friends and see how long it takes for them to hit you!
04. Hug Your Cat Day - And if you don't have one, then I'm sure your neighbor does!
05. National Doughnut Day - Go to your local Krispy Kream for a free doughnut!
06. National Gardening Exercise Day - Go outside and plant some flowers!
07. National Chocolate Ice Cream Day - Eat some chocolate ice cream today!
08. Best Friends Day - Spend some time with or buy your best friend a gift today!
09. Donald Duck Day - Uh... Watch some DD on the Disney Channel I suppose... xD
10. Iced Tea Day - Drink a nice, big leisurely glass of iced tea today!
11. Hug Holiday - Go up and hug everyone you know, it will make them smile!
12. Red Rose Day - Go buy a red rose, or plant one to celebrate!
13. Sewing Machine Day - Drag out those machines and make something you sewers!
14. Flag Day - Celebrate by saying the pledge of allegiance... maybe... x3
15. Smile Power Day - Give a stranger a smile, not only is it nice, but it's also healthy!
16. Fresh Veggies Day - Go to the local farmer's market and buy some fresh veggies!
17. Eat Your Veggies Day - Now eat those veggies you bought yesterday! Yum, yum!
18. International Splurge Day - Cheat on your diet or buy yourself something expensive!
19. World Sauntering Day - Saunter everywhere you go, make it sexy... Sashay!
20. Ice Cream Soda Day - Eat an ice cream soda to celebrate MY birthday! :D
21. Finally Summer Day - Be happy because it's FINALLY SUMMER!
22. National Chocolate Eclair Day - Eat a chocolate eclair today!
23. National Pink Day - Wear pink to fight for breast cancer today...!
24. Swim a Lap Day - Swim a lap... That is if you can swim!
25. National Catfish Day - Fry up some catfish and eat it all up!
26. Forgiveness Day - Forgive someone that you've held a grudge against today!
27. Sun Glasses Day - Wear sunglasses everywhere you go, or go buy some...!
28. Insurance Awareness Day - Be aware of your insurance? Who needs that!
29. Waffle Iron Day - If you have a waffle iron, use it! If not... Just eat a waffle!
30. Meteor Day - Watch the night skies and see if you can find any meteors!

I got this from Are You Bulletproof, Boy? Check out her blog! I did.

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mika said...

dude, are these days seriously celebrated? forrealll?! hahahahah