Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bicycle, Bicycle

I want to ride my...

So today I got started on riding my bike around places other than just my complex. Equipped with my bike and my helmet, I set off and biked to the nearby Borders. I also biked down the street that leads to the nearby mall, staying on the sidewalk. It was a little scary because the sidewalk was so narrow, especially when it came to the lightposts. I kept slowing down and hesitating, I felt like such a n00b XD

But I didn't die, so that was good.

I later got a huge U-lock for my bike. I had a dinky little cable lock before, but after talking to Jose, Brent and my dad, I decided to upgrade.

Jose and I went to lunch at Red Fort's lunch buffet—we'd been meaning to go ever since we went for dinner one time, it's an Indian restaurant and it's fabulous! The lunch buffet was great, there was a lot of food, and I got full so fast.

Afterward we went biking around—er, rather, I went biking around, Jose just kinda walked along. Whenever he and I walk together, I always walk faster than him for some reason. So having to think about him and his slow walking pace while biking didn't make for a smooth ride XD Eventually we'll get to ride together, either when he gets his bike or when he borrows his mom's. Then I won't be so afraid of biking around on the streets.

My dad has two bikes in Texas, and told me that we can bike around the streets there too! Yaaaay!

I like biking, I really do. When I was little I didn't really use it as a mode of transportation, which probably explains why I'm so hesitant now that I'm actually starting to. Biking is fun, and I definitely want to do it more around town. I realized that my bike is a little weird...
It's an Electra Townie, as pictured above, and it's not exactly like all the regular upright bikes. It boasts a "flat-foot technology," which means that you can put your feet flat on the ground while you're still sitting (I can't though, because I'm short XD). It's a hybrid cruiser, but my dad calls it an "easy rider" because the handlebars are significantly higher than the seat, and the pedals are not directly below your seat. This makes for a very different riding experience, I've found (rather the hard way).
In a way, it's almost a bit of a recumbent bike!
Not exactly, of course, but the main differences are that you can't rely entirely on shifting your center of gravity for turns: you have to use your hands, too. Since the pedals aren't directly below you, when you first pedal off you're pushing yourself back instead of pushing your weight down upon the pedals—forward pedalling. Big difference, big big difference once I found out.

So I've started consulting wikihow's "How to Ride a Recumbent Bicycle" article for help. That's where I got the above tips.

Whew! I'm totally going to apply this next time I bike around. Apparently this hybrid bike promises a greater amount of control, but I do suppose it takes a bit of getting used to... I know I've got to get used to it!

And now, to make this relevant to the Heroes theme...

Watch it to the end, it's SO worth it.

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Melissa said...

I LOVE that youtube video!

I haven't ridden a bike since I was 12 and ate it going down a hill. Like, I flew 10 feet over the handlebars and hit pavement. T_T

Emotionally scarred. Haven't ridden anything with wheels since. Ever. Your bike looks rad though :)