Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bicycles, Star Trek, and Vampires

I went biking again today! It took my mom a bit of convincing and assurance, but eventually she let me bike to the nearby Barnes & Noble and Borders. It's so different. I don't think I know quite yet how to "think like a cyclist." I end up combining the thoughts of a motorist and a pedestrian. It's been working for now, but I'm definitely not going to bike too far with that little experience.

Didn't stick around Barnes & Noble for too long. I like Borders better. Stayed there for about an hour and half catching up on Y: The Last Man. It's so good, one of the best graphic novels I've read. Check it out!

The Star Trek bit will be small today. My mom told me that a channel called KDOC will be rerunning Star Trek: The Original Series nightly at 9pm PST. Yaaay! You can bet I'll catch that!

Oh, and Vampires?
Melissa and I were discussing how hilariously bad Twilight is, and that lead to how predictable vampires in a lot of fiction are. They try to fit in with human society, try to deny their true natures, and always end up getting found out because they aren't careful enough. Usually this is because they get too close to others, and then tell them about how dangerous or different they are without actually saying it (Say it. OUT LOUD.), that they're vampires.

So I thought I'd write a little story about a true vampire.
Then it occurred to me that I hadn't written fiction in a long time, and after a few horrible attempts, I gave up and decided to make it a diary sort of thing.

You know.
Like a diary of a "true vampire."
This is just an experiment, I am by no means a writer and should not regarded seriously as one! This is just for gits and shiggles, and I hope you will laugh at me!



Today there was some sort of bicycle race in the city. Cyclists are delicious... clear arteries, healthy, easy to digest... but for the life (ha!) of me, I could not snag one today. Life is a bitch. Undead life is even bitchier.

Had to settle for a little lost girl in the dead (undead?) of night.
How cliché, how beginner. I feel queasy. Not sure if the little girl was unhealthy (she looked fine) or it's just my conscience. You'd think after a few hundred years of being a vampire would desensitize you to these things, right? Nope, I still get a little sad when a child has to die. Oh well.

More of "my kind" are coming into the city. And they're not just passing through, either, they're setting up permanent residences here. Why? Not that I don't occasionally enjoy the company of my fellow undead, but I mean, why delusion yourself into thinking you can live a normal, human lifestyle, when you're not even human?

I guess I can relate, I've been through that stage. Still feel human, still want to socialize and be accepted because us blood-feasters are so few and far between. Totally me a few decades back. Or maybe some people want to try to keep up the vampire lifestyle, under the guise of a human. They like the artistry of murder. Not my style, but I'll give 'em props.

I feel like I'm the truest vampire ever. I don't bullshit around, don't play these huge elaborate games. I don't enroll in school because I LOOK young, and I certainly do not tell potential friends that I'm "different," "dangerous" or "unique." What a rookie move. If you're still brooding about what you are, go sleep in a coffin for a few centuries and grow up.

I know what my endgame is, and I know the quickest way to get it.


Melissa said...

Kekeke I had gits and shiggles. I like how you uh, put cyclists in there. :D

I think Twilight ranting has occurred in every single one of our conversations lately. I LIKE IT.

Also, my confirmation word was gamudbut. Bahahaha.

Brent said...

Hehehe I DO like Borders better, dunno. It's just more cozy, it was there first, and it usually has a better selection.

How exciting :) Yeah, until you start making left turns in the middle of a four-way intersection, you don't know how much of a rush you can get riding a bike. :P

Ohhh and have you started mapping the city out differently yet? Like, the route to Borders is no longer: pull out the front, make a left, wait for the light... it's just: go out the side of your complex and straight. :P


The only thing that gets me about 'otherworld' fiction is that the otherspecies thing is constantly asserting his 'otherness'. I really like your style though, and the "go sleep in a coffin" just makes me smile.

Gyllilian said...

They also have the original Star Trek series on Youtube shows. :)

Lauren Ashley said...

I liked I liked! :D And thanks for the youtube link! :)