Monday, June 8, 2009

Childhood Heroes

I totally had a "Bulls 23" jersey as a kid.

My childhood heroes consisted of Michael Jordan, Leonardo da Vinci, Jack Skellington and Mickey Mouse.

Michael Jordan because he shared my name, and I was into basketball at the time. My dad really got me into it, I used to shoot hoops with him sometimes.

Leonardo da Vinci because he did everything there was to do under the Sun—he drew, painted, wrote (backwards!), invented things, engineered, studied astronomy, all sorts of things! I wanted to be just like him, beard and all. Maybe not the beard, actually.

Jack Skellington because The Nightmare Before Christmas was my favorite movie and I loved singing the songs. I thought Jack was awesome and imaginative and even though he kind of failed at Christmas, he was still cool.

Mickey Mouse because... cripes, I don't know. How do you not like Mickey Mouse, right? I loved the movie Fantasia, and can't wait til it gets "out of the vault" next year.

Do I have any heroes now?

I'm not sure.
I see them more as people I greatly admire for the moment... like Jason Santa Maria is my current design hero, Michelangelo is my figure drawing hero, and Michio Kaku is my physics hero. I like them all for separate reasons.

But what is a hero really?
Is it necessarily a person who saves?
You can say Jesus is a hero.

I can think of a number of friends who have "saved" me, and their love and support is never forgotten. I'm looking at you, Mika, Lauren, Justin, Kat and Jose.

All in all, a hero is someone you admire, someone who inspires you to, in one way or another, be better than yourself. A hero could be a rival, a teacher, a friend, an example.

Who's your hero?


mika said...

ooh girl you maketh me BLUSH

¯\(ºдಠ)/¯ said...

myself =D

Justin said...


Would you believe me if I said I was innocent?