Friday, June 5, 2009

Computers aren't so hard!

Well, sort of.

Today at work I got to experience the joys of trying to fix up a complicated software on my boss's Macbook Pro. He was using the program Parallels to run Windows right on his Mac OS—I know, CRAZY, right?!—but it was slow and kind of buggy, because he was using the bit of his harddrive partitioned to Boot Camp... which was also running Windows. He wanted the program to use more than 2GB of RAM (the laptop itself had 4GB, he upgraded it), and I was trying to figure out how. It took a lot of uninstalling and reinstalling and reformatting, and I actually got it all together, until I had to update the software at the very end. Then there was nothing. I was quite pleased with myself for a while, then I failed. Ugh. I feel so bad. I hope I can find a way to fix it.

Before all that, he actually got the software and everything set up at a local place called PC Mall. Despite seeming to specialize in PCs, they claim to also do Macs, and I believe that. But they told my boss that his Macbook Pro didn't have a CD drive. So my boss went out and got an external one.

The CD drive is on the front end of the damn thing.

I was baffled. Really, PC Mall? Really? Cripes. Someone should fire them.

On the Up side...

Today I watched Up with Mika and Jose. The verdict? It's really, really good. Disney/Pixar, you've done it again. I don't think I liked it as much as Wall-E, but it's a really fun little adventure.

Spoilery thoughts on the movie BELOW THE CUT!


It was really fun, and kiddishly fantastical with some surprisingly adult elements. Like the first tem minutes? Boy, what an exposition! Cripes, I was tearing up when Ellie died.

The issue of Russell's dad not being there anymore was really sad too, and very subtle—if I were a small child, I wouldn't have caught on much. Perhaps I wouldn't have felt the effect as strongly.

I love love LOVE the way Pixar styles humans. This style was very similar to The Incredibles, particularly the handling of the face. I love the way all the humans are caricatured with the big weirdly shaped heads and everything. The bright colors, very noticeably textured clothing and caricatured characters really gave this a story-book feel. It matched well with what it was.

The story was pretty tight as well, I loved the tie in from the beginning about that explorer character, to his creature and the 'Kevin' bird later. Did anyone else laugh when Russell named him Kevin? I did. I don't know why, but I did.

Pixar has a tendency to take some of the things I'd find cheesiest—talking dogs, a house floating away by balloons, robots falling in love, a rat learning how to cook—and make it work. Hell, I thought that Kevin bird was outrageous, but for how colorful and funny-looking it is, Pixar really made it come to life: its calls were frightful, and later desperate when calling to its young. I remember hearing about how Pixar animators observed rats all the time in order to really get a feel for how they move and behave so they can translate it to the rats in Ratatouille.

Cripes, I want to work at Pixar. My Typography professor told me that her friend worked at Pixar, and that place is like an creative haven for all kinds of artists: sculptors, painters, graphic designers, musicians, writers, and animators. They have free screenings for various animated films, not just their own, but basically anything animated—to keep their employees artistically stimulated. How awesome is that?

Oh, Michael Giacchino graces yet another film with his musical mastery. That man sure knows how to set a mood. He's my hero ;P

So Disney/Pixar's Up = highly recommended. Go out and see it, you won't regret it!

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