Monday, June 29, 2009

From Neil Armstrong to Louis Armstrong

My breakfast in Houston. YUP, STILL TEXAS WAFFLE.
What can I say? It was another Courtyard Marriott.

So yesterday was my mom's birthday! We were still in Houston, and we spent the day at
  • NASA's Johnson Space Center
  • Galveston
  • Del Frisco's
Today we drove from Houston to New Orleans, and I've got a few pictures for you! Yaaay!

A detail account of these travels await you under the cut!

THE CUT! Click me twice!

Houston Day 2

We woke up bright and early to eat breakfast downstairs. Since it was still a Courtyard Marriott, it was pretty much the same, including the Texas waffle XD Except they had a strawberry waffle mix this time. Mmmm.

We left for NASA's
Johnson Space Center!

I WAS SO RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED. I felt like a wee lass again, geekin' out hard over space space space. The place was rather obviously geared toward children, with a lot of play places for kids and such. I was rather sad that I wasn't like 10 years younger so I could fully enjoy all of it... but oh well. If I ever have kids, I'll be sure to take them there when they're good 'n young.

We did get to take a tour around the NASA facility though... we toured the Astronaut Training Facility where we got to see all the equipment the astronauts and engineers used to simulate acitivity in space. They had full scale duplicates of shuttles and parts of the ISS so astronauts can practice doing what they need to do. All their time up in space is pretty much scheduled to a tee, so they have to be super precise. To simulate moving heavy objects in zero-G, they have this special floor that works almost like an air hockey table: bursts of air make the objects float. We also got to see the Saturn V rocket that took the first batch of men to the moon! It was pretty damn sweet.

Afterward we hit up
which is an island about an hour from Houston. We crossed the bridge over there and didn't actually stay very long, we just walked along the beach... GULF COAST! First time, woohoo! It was very warm, and my dad kept messing with this one crab lol. It then buried itself into the sand, waiting for us to step on it so it can have its revenge.

Later that night we headed back to Houston and ate at
Del Frisco's
for my mom's birthday. It was a fancy steak house, and although I'm not one for steak, I've got to say theirs was SO DELICIOUS. I had mine "medium-well with no pink," and it was charred on the sides, the way I like it. I like'em charry. It was so good. We had them with spinach and potatoes. We mentioned that my mom was the birthday girl, but wasn't sure if they'd do the free-dessert thing since they were all fancy... but they did! They brought a big slice of 6-layer lemon cake that was asdfkasdjf so good, but we were already so full that we couldn't finish it, and we didn't take it home. Sadness. I wanted some more.

We spent our last night in Houston and then left this morning to...

New Orleans!

The drive took about 6 hours altogether, and I drove for about and hour of a half through the portion of the I-10E that was suspended over the swamplands of Louisiana. It was really weird because it rained huge raindrops, really hard for a few minutes and then stopped. Rain is so big here. When we got to our hotel (two blocks away from Bourbon Street!!) it was raining, but only lightly. We walked around Decatur Street and at dinner at The Market Café. It had a live band consisting of a trombone player/singer, keyboardist, drummer, and bassist. It was all really chill and fun! There was this one guy (hobo?) dancing around with a broom, and he was so interesting that Mika and I took a picture with him and gave him money.

After dinner we walked over to Café du Monde to eat some famous beignets—French doughnuts that Scott, Melissa, Kat, José, and Chelsea highly recommended to me! Not only that, but Scott and Chelsea actually recommended going to Café du Monde for the beignets, so I was pretty excited. They were pretty cheap, and I ate mine with hot chocolate. To be honest, while they were really good, I think it didn't live up to the hype I got. It could be that I was already kind of full from eating jambalaya for dinner, or that I'm more into lighter pastries while the beignets were a little heavier, but either way, it didn't like blow me away. But I could see myself eating them like every day :d I do love my pastries! And I plan on buying the boxed mix. California friends, get ready for a beignet party!

We walked back, happy and satisfied and saying hi to all the strange people, to our hotel.
More adventures await us tomorrow, but for now, comment and enjoy these random pictures!

Hot sauce from one of the many quaint shops down Decatur Street XD

Okay, we didn't bring the cord for the camera, so I couldn't post most of the better pictures. But when I get home, I promise I'll make a photo post of this road trip! I'll only post some, because I don't want photospam and everything is going on Facebook. Keep your eyes peeled for them in the future!

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