Monday, June 22, 2009

Home Away from Home

My sister and I arrived in Texas at midnight last night and our dad picked us up in Mika's new car! It drives so nicely, it's a Rav4. I really like it, and so does she.

When we got to the house, we were SO giddy.
Daddy had added a bunch of other stuff to the house since we last visited, including a bunch of random nice chairs around the house. We were having fun with them :P

Photos continue BELOW THIS CUT!

This is where we sleep, my bed's on the right. He had washed the sheets before we got there and bought us slippers for the house! He's so sweet :)

See that stained glass thing at the top? I made that last year. I started it in California at Alex's house, where he, his mom and I picked out the glass, cut the glass pieces together and whatnot. I glued and grouted the thing in Texas, and my dad now proudly displays it! Yay!

And that's a bust of Beethoven on the lower right. No idea why he has that.

My sister and I thought this was SO ADORABLE.
These are salt and pepper shakers shaped like little cats, and apparently my dad made them face that way like they're looking out the window. How cute is my dad?!

When we asked him why they were like that and if he did them, he said, "Yea, I was just bored."

He has a lot of time to himself, I suppose.

Today he had work, so my sister and I slept in til noon (I normally wake up at 10AM, but that's California time, and well, Texas IS 2 hours ahead). My dad came home shortly after and we went to get lunch at Whataburger (my dad claims it "the In-N-Out of Texas"). It was pretty good, and also HUGE SERVINGS. Guh.

My dad went back to work (he just came home for lunch) and Mika and I went to Wal-Mart to pick up some forgotten essentials (razors). We drove around and reached a little shopping plaza with Borders. I read Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life, which I also saw recommended somewhere good, and it was pretty quirky and interesting. I'll keep reading.

When we got home, I took my dad's bike for a ride around the neighborhood. His is a mountain bike, way different from my easy-riding, semi-recumbent cruiser back in California. To be honest, I liked it better. I felt like I had better control over it. It felt good to bike in the humid heat, with the slight cool breeze blowing past. But when I got back inside, I was covered in this fine layer of sweat! I totally didn't even know. The sweat didn't evaporate for a long time, probably coz of the humidity. This prompted me to buy a black UnderArmour shirt from Sports Authority when we went there later, I remembered it because José bought one for himself. It's wonderfully tight-fitting. My dad bought a badminton set!

After Sports Authority my dad took us to the nearby LA Fitness—he'd been talking about it since he picked us up from the airport, he was really excited to show us and he wanted to get us a trial membership. So we have one for the week, we get full access to the facility and its equipment and classes. I'm planning on taking the "Latin Impact" class tomorrow (Latin dancing!), and probably using the free room for free boxing. There are other classes too, like spinning and hip hop dance and boxing, and I'll attend those. Might as well, right? This is gonna be great!

I'm really happy to be here with my dad. He really is the best, I love all the little random things he does and the way he sometimes does things on impulse.

I'm having fun at my home away from home :)

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Jenny said...

"It's wonderfully tight-fitting. My dad bought a badminton set!" LOL, this line made me laugh, because you just throw in that last bit!

Those kitties ARE adorable!