Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I guess I don't like being alone.

Day two of NaBloPoMo June finds me back here early. I can't go back to sleep—it was hard enough trying to get to sleep last night. I just wasn't sleepy at all. I could blame it on the nap I had earlier, but it wasn't even that long, and I can normally fall asleep at night even with a day-nap to rob me of some sleep. I think I cried out of frustration. After crawling around the internet some and reading more of Lolita, I finally fell asleep at 3AM listening to the Star Trek soundtrack. I think I had a dream about Spock (your fault, Lauren, YOUR FAULT).

So this is week 2 of my break.

I don't know why, but I'm starting to feel the boredom/restlessness that often comes with summer break. What did I do last week that kept me so busy? Why am I already forgetting?

I suppose there are plenty of things I can do being alone, like
  • Brush up on my piano/sax skills
  • Draw and/or paint
  • Bake and/or learn how to cook
  • Brush up on my French
  • Learn HTML/CSS
Huh, that IS quite a lot.

Oh yea, I'm also going to Texas in 3 weeks! HELL YES!

I added something cool

It's a little widget called "LinkWithin," you can see it below each of my posts and it directs you to a related post of mine. This is so my old posts don't go ignored by newer readers, and so you have some more fun and interesting things to read after! Yay! It's like I'm interesting or something! Cripes.

LinkWithin also tempts me to accompany every single one of my posts with an image. Maybe I'll actually start drawing more.


With a theme like "Heroes," how can I not mention one of my favorite shows of the same title?

To be completely honest, I've actually fallen out of fascination with Heroes as of late. I was there for the first season, and that obsession lasted me through the summer, but it all started to fall apart during the 2nd season when the Writer's Strike hit. It was never really the same afterwards.

However, I still have to commend the show for initially bringing such a simple concept to life in a beautiful way. Ordinary people with extraordinary abilities, thrown into a real world with real consequences? I ate it up. I also had a massive crush on Mohinder.

If you haven't ever seen Heroes, I recommend starting from the beginning... the first season.
Here's to you, Heroes!


maxinegray said...

MMM I'm the same with Heroes now too. It's iffy, and I still haven't seen all of s3 but MOHINDER! He's so cute I just wish they'd give him better storylines, after his.. 'three night stand' with Mohinder they've kinda drifted apart and he got the worst end of the storyline food chain.

maxinegray said...

I mean't to say three night stand' with Sylar


Brent said...

Ooooh, I like LinkedWithin!! It's a bit like Wiki, where you click, half-wanting to see what links lie beyond this click. And I found some interesting ones... have fun finding the comments!

Ah, it's always French, isn't it. :P What brings you back to it all the time??

Brent said...

And yay, practice piano and sax. :D I'm excited to see what you learn!

I guess you're one of those people who hates having a boring answer to "How was your summer?"

Jordan said...

lol yes Maxii, 3 night stand WITH HIMSELF XD I seriously hope it gets better, but I'm not that optimistic :\

And Brent, you totally know me XD I refuse to have a boring summer! This time I will be productive!

Also, my captcha is "foodam." Is that food that's DAAAAMMMM good?