Friday, June 19, 2009


T-minus 2 DAYS TO TEXAS!

I'm so excited, I've already started packing!
Sort of. I'm doing laundry so I can have all the clothes I like to wear, heh.
Since my family and I travel a lot, we know the art of packing light.

Do you?

Pack Light!

I've seen people pack differently, but the key is to only pack what you need.

For clothes, this means two things:
  • Don't pack by outfits,
  • Don't give yourself too many choices!
I've seen people pack a week's worth of clothing into a weekend trip solely because they wanted "different outfits to choose from," just in case they didn't like what they already picked. A good rule to go by is to pack a bunch of basics that you can mix and match into any sort of decent outfit. Don't pack exclusive outfits! If you have a blouse that you can only match with one skirt or pants, then toss it! This is, of course, unless you're going on a business trip, in which you would need to have a special outfit for whatever your occasion is.

When it comes to bottoms, the most basic choices include denim, khaki, and some neutral colors like navy blue or white. If your wardrobe centers around unconventional colors, then by all means, pack those too! The key here is to pick clothes you can use multiple times and mix-and-match with your other clothes in different ways. This is different for everyone, so take a good look at your wardrobe and decide!

If you're staying somewhere for a month or more, try to find out if you can wash your clothes at some place. That would make light packing much easier and more practical as well. For example, my sister and I are saying in Texas for 5 weeks, but I'm only really going to pack for maybe about 2 weeks, since we're staying at our dad's place and he has a washer and dryer there.

Another very important thing to consider is your dirty laundry.
Don't ask me why, but somehow, even if you try folding them as neatly as you did before, used clothes always seem to take up more space. Most people put their used clothes back in the suitcase in a plastic bag, which is fine, but could take up more room, so save a bit of room when you pack. Don't literally pack it all in!

Another reason why you shouldn't pack to the brim is because you might come back with extra clothes and/or souvenirs. C'mon, who can resist it when they travel? Plan to come home with more stuff than you left with, generally speaking.

I think I got it all in.

Hope ya'll found this useful! ;)

I think I may need a little more...

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Lauren Ashley said...

I only ever pack jeans and shirts that I'm comfortable in. I may pack a certain pair of jeans, with the intention to wear it with a certain shirt, but I don't make specific outfits that can only go with each other... mixing and matching is the key to fashion! XD Also, I usually only bring a pair of tennis shoes and a pair of flip flops... if i want different shoes that are a little more cutesy, I can usually find something at Wal Mart or Target for ten bucks, and that can be purchased THERE. :D