Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lost in Texas

Today my sister and I got lost.

We woke up rather late (hey hey, it was before noon in California! jet lag sucks) and went to a nearby mall. Then I decided that we should check out this place called Cici's Pizza, because a friend who used to live in Houston told me I should. I punched the address into the GPS and started going. Now, I don't want to blame the GPS, but it really sucked. It wouldn't properly locate where we were, it didn't specify which section of an exit I should take... and all right, I could have been better at reading the map, but really? It doesn't know our location sometimes? A little scary. Good thing I'm starting to just memorize where a lot of the hot spots are so I don't have to rely on that thing all the time.

My sister and I were getting pretty delirious due to the sun and all the wrong turns. Where we ended up was equivalent to getting lost in like, downtown LA from Torrance. It was pretty sad, but kind of funny at the same time.

So we ditched the pizza idea and just went straight to LA Fitness for our first day of the trial membership. I wanted to attend a Latin Dance class at 5:45, and we got there JUST in the nick of time, but because of some other complications I was too late to attend.

Instead, my sister and I worked out on the ellipticals (I love those things) and some of the strength training machines. I used to work out a lot at the YMCA back home, and working out at LA Fitness kind of made me miss it again. Although I personally believe doing strength training with your own body weight (i.e., sans machinery) is better, strength training machines are rather fun, like games.

After about an hour we went back home and went to watch The Hangover with our dad at Movie Tavern. If you guys have never been to a Movie Tavern, go someday! It's awesome! It's pretty much dinner while watching your movie. You get tables in front of your cinema seats and such, you press a little button on your table whenever you want service. I had a chicken quesadilla loaded with vegetables and such, my dad got a salad, and my sister got a pizza. It's pretty cool, and the movie itself was hilarious. It was fun just to follow all the crazy shit that went down! XD

Aaaaannnnd now I'm back home.

Jolls out.

Because I only feel like you read my blogs if you care.

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chelsea said...

I have a terrible sense of direction too, my parents worry. lol

I have never heard of a movie tavern but I want to go to one NOW!