Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Strange Dreams

Last night I had three strange dreams.


In the first dream, I had just returned to California from Texas and was with José and our friends at some restaurant for dinner. None of them acknowledged me, and José didn't seem to care that I was there either.


In the second dream, a short man (about as short as me) was giving me flowers and attempting to woo me. He gave me flowers, chocolates, the whole nine, and told me that he loved me. I felt a bit sorry for him, because I kept thinking about how I was still with José.


In the last dream, a tall white man was teasing and taunting me. I kept throwing punches at him and missing. Finally, I threw a left hook and it connected. Right cross, also connected. Every punch I threw suddenly connected with his body and with every blow he lost a little more breath. It was greatly satisfying.


I feel like that last dream was very significant. See, I often have dreams about being teased, attacked, or otherwise abused, and whenever I attempt to fight back, my punches and kicks suddenly slow down JUST when I get close to the guy's face, as though some needle were penetrating me and sapping the strength from my limbs. I get weaker and weaker with every attempt, until my attacker just laughs in my face.

This is the first dream I had where I actually faught back.

And it felt good.


Jenny said...

I like how you identify him as a white man!

I had a dream about an asian man in a video game killing me with a weed whacker, then taking my head to do unknown things with.

I think you asians are a little more menacing! :p

Lauren Ashley said...

WOOOOO! Love victorious dreams!! :D