Sunday, June 14, 2009

They have Star Trek on Youtube Shows.

Thanks, Jose!
Now say good-bye to any time you hoped to spend with me.


Ay my goodnesss nako anak pancit.
Party party naman!
Yesterday party party for Kelly's graduation. Congrats, Kelly! You are now entering the real world! Boldly go! Don't get eaten! We moved from the park to the house and I sort of wished I biked there, but then I got home at 10PM so nevermind that. Crazy times.

Today party party for my great-grandma's birthday! She's... oh goodness, she's 83 years old now! What a trooper. It was also at a park, and there was so much food. There must have been about three boxes of croissants, I have no idea what you would bring that much. I suppose it was a potluck, and when everyone tries to bring an item in excess, well, that's what happens. Word to the wise, yous guys: when everyone is bringing some'n some'n to a potluck, make it medium! No go large!

Afterward FSK (me, Kelsey, Mika, Alexa) hung out at a swank little plaza in Redlands to eat ice cream and bug Kelsey's muscular man-friend Adam. That didn't last too long though because he sort of holed himself away. Whatever.

Ever notice that ice cream makes you feel like eating more things?
After I have ice cream, I somehow always develop an appetite for something warm and meaty, or warm and salty. So we got two half-pounder french fries at Baker's and ate it in a flash.

Went back to Kelsey's house, took a few pictures, talked, and basically collapsed on the couch. Aaaww. I had a stomach ache too. I wonder which one did it: all the food at the park party, the ice cream, or the fries. Or the little chocolatey Hostess cupcakes I had straight after. Don't judge me.

Elitist Pricks

If there's one thing (out of many things) that bugs me, it's elitist pricks. The brand of head-up-the-hole-hipster that thinks that s/he's the best at whatever s/he does or likes—and it's usually likes, as in, pertaining to interests. You see them a lot when it comes to music, movies, TV shows, and other such forms of entertainment.

It's the hipster who thinks you're a poser for liking the obscure band he likes, because he's like them longer, and knows more about them before anyone else did ever.

It's the same hipster who says, "Yea, I used to like them, but then everyone else started liking them."

It's the girl who says, "Everybody who likes Nightmare Before Christmas only now is a poser, because I've liked it ever since it came out!" (Granted, there are a lot of people who only like the aesthetic appeal of the movie, but that's something they genuinely like about it, right?)

It's the snub-nosed film major who looks down on your taste in movies, the sneering music-lover who laughs at what you listen to, the hardcore geek who thinks you'll never appreciate the show/movie/band/game/book/culture the same way he or she does, ever.

And let's not forget the Apple fanboys and girls who damn all other forms of hardware and software, because Apple didn't make it.

I have a problem with these people, and that's that they're very closed-minded.
When someone self-righteously asserts their 'superiority' or 'expertise,' it's so many levels of annoying. It's like you're not equal to them unless you share their experiences with whatever their interest is, and if you do, they make you their enemy. It's common enough to follow through many groups of people—Sung-Jae down in San Diego thoroughly expresses his hipster hate (that sort of inspired this section of the post). I think that these hipster-elitist-prick types are most common in high school and college. I have yet to meet someone older who is like that.

I hardly rant like that on this blog, but I felt it comin' along, so who was I to deny it?

This has been a relatively subpar post by yours truly.

Jollity, out.

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Brent said...

Wow, that first part left me out of breath. :P

And I couldn't agree more, but I'm also guilty of being somewhat of a prick (a half-prick?)... in a lot of things, now that I think of it. :/