Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Today was a good day, plain and simple.

It was just a very plainly, very simply good day, void of major worries, concerns, and annoyances. I bet days like these is what heaven is filled with, where and whenever that is.

In the morning I took Mika to school as usual, but I think the trick to my uplifted mood was the fact that I slept another 2 hours before picking her up (yea, she only had 2 hours of school). I was a lot more energized, so I was in a good mood by the time I got to work with a free small drink from Borders in hand (I do love coupons).

Work was teetering on the edge of boring when Kristina, a fellow coworker, arrived to take over the computer, but instead I filled the time by drawing a bunch of hands.

I referenced these off of a copy of The Book of a Hundred Hands by George Bridgman that my boss had. I love that book. I want to find one like it, but encompassing the entire body. That'd be just swell.

Afterward, I met up with G and Jose at our usual Starbucks to talk about our comic project. They're writing, I'm arting. And throwing in ideas. Jason New and Natalie Lockwood, some old high school classmates, were there as well. I had to leave to do a favor for Kyle, but all in all, we got a LOT of work done. We got the characters finalized (the first few, at least), and the groundwork for the first two chapters. That's pretty awesome. Afterward, we went to L&L to get dinner. Love that place.

We split, then Jose and I went to Borders. I was looking for a decent anatomy reference book, but I wasn't satisfied with the collection. I think I'll do some searching online, see if I can't get it for cheaper there. I want reference, not instruction. We went back to my house, played some Wii Fit, then he biked on home. Y'know what's crazy? He usually takes about 20 minutes to get home by car, but it only took him 27 minutes to get back on bike! 7 minute difference? Damn, that's pretty good! Then again, he doesn't have to sit through traffic and whatnot. He said it really made him happy. I'm happy for him :) I can't wait til I start biking around more!

Sorry most of my posts have been largely self-indulgent ones of little use to the general public, I guess I used up a lot of my juice in the beginning.

Oh yea, I did my first day of the pushup challenge yesterday. I felt the burn. It felt good. I'm ready to go tomorrow >:D

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Jenny said...

I didn't know that you and Jose have an artistic relationship! I'm envious! I think that's the sweetest thing. My boyfriend helps my writing when I need it, but it's not qute the same.