Thursday, June 25, 2009

You Spin Me Right Round, Baby


Today I woke up bright 'n early to attend a spinning class at the nearby LA Fitness my dad signed us up for. It seemed rather interesting, the woman who gave us a tour told us that the class was good for building endurance. It sounded fun.

Boy, did I ever forget that building endurance (or anything for that matter) also meant breaking down my current endurance.

I came in 10 minutes late and I was still dying. I was trying to start in a hurry, but I didn't know how to operate the machinery, so one woman and then later the instructor stepped off to help me. We had a resistance lever on the bikes that we'd manually change up and down based on her instruction, like we were climbing up hills and such. I had to take everything down a notch because I was a beginner... maaaannn, it was so difficult for me. Whenever I ride my bike, I ride easy, nothing crazy strenuous like what we did in the spinning class. We also alternated between riding positions—seated, standing tall, standing with hips over the saddle, and getting low.

So most of my thoughts throughout the class were along the lines of,
  • asdfkjasdfos
  • Kill me now asldfjkasdf
  • Why didn't I bring any water asdfskdlf
But I got out okay, I left for a drink of water in the middle and generally made it through the workout. I may do it again another day... with water, this time.

Jolls out, like a fat kid in dodgeball.
I had another dream last night. I don't remember it exactly, but I think there was some chasing involved. There's always some chasing involved.

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