Thursday, July 16, 2009

Come Tumbling Down

So my sister is trying to convince me to get a tumblr blog, or a tumblog. Our friend Ian has one, and he's got some pretty good stuff up, and it seems reeeeally cool... but man, I've got this thing already! XD

Shall I add this blogger, my Sans Raison, to the list of blogs I've left behind?

I've toyed around with switching over to Wordpress before, but the fact that you can't save any custom layouts was a real turnoff (even though I don't really do custom layouts, hee. I'm planning to!). I'm aware that Blogger isn't the best or flashiest out there, but I guess I got attached to it. I have three months worth of NaBloPoMo work in here too! XD And I'm not sure that I could import my posts, or if I'd want to anyway.

I wasn't really planning on having a new blog until I create my very own website that would also contain my art/design portfolio.

Decisions, decisions.

1 comment:

Lauren Ashley said...

You can't leave me on blogger by myself!!!! :D