Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mixed Feelings

Within a week's time, I'll be back in Southern California.

I have really mixed feelings about this, but to begin, let me just say that I'm glad we're not flying back.

My dad, sister and I are driving, from Fort Worth, back to L.A., and stopping in Phoenix on the way! The fact that we're roadtrippin' it instead of flying back makes it seem like an easier transition, like going back is an adventure itself, and my dad will still be with us!

It suddenly hit me that my dad will be here all alone when my sister and I leave. I've always known this, but for the first time, it's REALLY hitting me, and I'm getting really sad about it. Now I want to buy my dad a dog or something, some kind of pet to keep him company! :( I'll call him every night when I'm home, yup.

At the same time, I'm really excited to be going home and getting to hang out with my relatives, friends, and do all sorts of fun stuff with them. Being in Texas has made me love both Texas AND California more. Can you believe that I actually want to go to the beach now? Simply unheard of before! XD

This week, and certainly when I get back, is already fully booked:

Monday my sister and I might try to go walk the dogs at the adoption center one last time, and do some last minute shopping.
Tuesday we're gonna take a campus tour of University of North Texas, and then do some shopping probably lol. And start cleaning the house and packing. My dad is flying off for business.
Wednesday my dad isn't here still, and we have to be packing and cleaning and last-minuting...
Thursday is when we set off. Last minute things, my dad gets back and naps for a bit, and then we leave at midnight.
Friday we arrive in Phoenix, AZ, where we meet up with my mom so we can visit our friends in the city :d Sleepoverrrr!
Saturday we spend the day there, and probably leave at night or something. Either way,
Sunday we arrive back home at around noon time.

I'll start work again that week, probably Wednesday and Friday.
The following weekend is my beignet/swimming party, then the next weekend is Chelsea's birthday party, then the weekend AFTER the Seven is trying to get together for Disneyland, and then... okay, free weekend, but probably not for long... then after that is Sammy's birthday party! HOOOOO CRAZY

Thinking of the summer in terms of weekends makes me afraid, school is coming up much too quickly! Gah! The summer is just speeding by!

Let's make it last, folks!

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