Friday, July 31, 2009

MUSE's new Resistance

I cannot stop listening to this song.

Until I found out about MUSE, I never awarded any one band the title of "my favorite band" (well, aside from Queen). There was no band I ever felt the need to see live in concert, aside from Queen, and without Freddie Mercury it just ain't worth it, y'know? But I digress.

The song above is a part of their upcoming album, The Resistance, scheduled to be released in September of this year. The song, "United States of Eurasia," was released 6 parts through their website until the song was complete on July 21, where they played up on the nation of Eurasia being "recognised." But I didn't hear it that way, I actually heard it on the radio one morning and freaked the hell out.

Judging by the song and the name of the album alone, I'd say that MUSE is continuing to head down the path that their last album, Black Holes and Revelations, started. Wars, conspiracy theories, and existentialism abound! I really don't mind it. I'm also so very happy with the music, it's just as good as ever and I have a REALLY good feeling about the rest of the album. Matthew Bellamy's voice actually sounds a little deeper, a little more doom-is-afoot than earlier works, where he sounded more raw, frantic, and a little whiney.

So, as I've said many many MANY times before, I'm freaking excited! I'm so buying that when it drops. As soon as it drops, mark my words!

The only thing I'm upset about is that on their site, they don't list a tour date for anywhere California, let alone Los Angeles or surrounding areas. The UK dates in November are already sold out, can you believe it? And I can't believe there are no California dates! I seriously hope they add some, I just, I can't imagine them not coming to California, we have a lot of venues. They are playing in two places in Texas, though. Am I that desperate? XD

Anyway, expect a review as soon as I get my hands on that album!

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