Thursday, July 9, 2009

So it goes

Life here in Texas has been pretty chill.

Now that my mom has gone back to California and my dad back to work, my sister and I are left to our own devices during the day. Usually this means lots of TV, internet, and eating. Just like summer at home! Sans friends, that is.

My sister and I recently startd to volunteer at the local Pet Adoption Center. We started yesterday, walking some of the dogs and just giving them a chance to be out of the cages. Mika and I walked 3 each, while I played with a fourth pit bull who went batshit at the sight of some little kids. Nobody got hurt, thankfully, save for a couple scratches that aren't even anything. Volunteering there for the first day kind of put into perspective how difficult this is for me: I haven't dealt with a dog in years, and I'm pretty small, the dogs tug me around all the time, which makes it hard to do that thing you're supposed to do with dog, establishing yourself as the "alpha." We're going back later today to have some more fun.

When my dad comes home, he takes my sister out driving. This is good, because she said she'd get her license before summer's end, ensuring my freedom from having to take her to school during the school year. That means I'll be able to do more things in Long Beach, like take more classes and join clubs and other extracurriculars! Apparently she's getting good at driving, so this is very good.

After they get back, it's dinner time, and my dad teaches me how to cook. We've been stir-frying for the past two "lessons," something I've always been rather terrified of, but it's going well. It really is rather easy. I find that I learn better when I am told what to do, and then allowed to do it, rather than just being shown. That helps too, but not as much. Ironically I scored lowest on "visual learning" when I took several "learning aptitude" tests at school. Why is it ironic? Because I'm in graphic design. What a dull joke.

Although it's fun here in Texas, I miss California. I actually want to go to a beach, I want some In-N-Out, and I want to see my friends and relatives. It's lonely here. Now I know how my dad feels 75% of the year :(

Well, that's about it for today. Maybe I'll go play Half-Life 2 once I get a hold of a mouse (it isn't as fun on a trackpad).

Jolls out.
And another one bites the dust.

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