Friday, July 3, 2009

Things I Take For Granted

I saw this post over at my friend Lauren's blog on the Top Ten things she takes for granted.
Quite a simple yet inspiring, and now I'm doing it.

Top Ten Things I Take for Granted

10. Good health. Lauren's right, you never really notice it until it's gone, like when you've come down with the flu or a cold. When my nose is plugged, I long for the day both nostrils are clear again. When my stomach is hurting, I realize how you're basically immobile when your stomach isn't in order. Here's to good health!

9. The senses. I deeply enjoy the fact that all my senses are in working order. It allows me to enjoy music, be an artist, feel, smell, taste, yea, you learned all this in elementary school. Again, you never really realize this until you're deprived of one of your senses. Like being numb? Holy crap, scary experience.

8. My friends. Especially the ones who have always been there for me. I'll admit, I get into the bad habit of not being in as much contact with older friends (especially when I started hanging out with new people), but I do my best to try to send an IM or text or something just to say hi. I never forget any of you, I hope you know that! I'd be nothing without you guys.

7. Blogging and journalling. I've been doing this since I was little because my mom taught me how, and now I wonder how people get by WITHOUT recording what happens in their life. It seems so basic and essential to me that I take for granted that it is actually a learned habit and skill. That said, everybody should be journalling. ;P

6. The great outdoors. In a world where electronic entertainment abounds, it's easy to forget the joys of being outside. We live in just about the best planet for the next thousand light-years, so why the hell do I spend so much time cooped up in front of the computer? The sun is shining, the colors are everywhere, and dammit, I SHOULD be outside!

5. Technology. It used to be "the internet," but I think it's better to have this great big umbrella category. People may say that we're rotting our brains with technology, but really it's because we so often take for granted its usefulness. It's our connection to the world as it sits on the bleedig edge of the future. Sometimes I actually get scared of the latest technology, but it really is wonderful to know that the human race becomes more advanced every day. Let's just use it responsibly, okay? ;)

4. Education. A lot of these are just big ideas that permeate the entire world. I'm so damn lucky to be living where I am and getting the education that I'm getting. Yea yea, homework and projects and tests and essays eat at me during the school year, but it's all for KNOWLEDGE!

3. My hands. It's true! I use my hands for so much all the time: drawing, typing, holding things, petting animals, etc. If my hands were to be cut off or impaired in any way, I would be depressed forever.

2. Home cooking. I recently realized this over our 5-day roadtrip. We were eating out every day, at least twice a day! I'm all for eating out and everything, but after a while I started to really miss things like my dad's soup, my mom's adobo (which we had once we got home, thank God), and all the good home cooking that I always had at home. Just goes to show that there are some things you never get tired of.

1. My parents. I'm a little sad when I say this, but it's true. Sometimes I'll get indignant if they're being protective of me, and that's when I take them for granted the most, because then I forget that they have fed and clothed me ever since I was born. Their wishes for me are only their best interests for me, and even if my decision or opinion differs from theirs, I should respect what they have to say. Not only that, but they don't force me into anything. My parents may be of the strict Asian variety, but they didn't force me into becoming a nurse! Hell, I'm a graphic design major and they still love and support me! I'm super thankful for them, and am sorriest that I take them for granted sometimes.

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Lauren Ashley said...

Loved it! :D And I'm so thrilled that I inspired you! :D YAY! I feel special! :)

Some of the things you pointed out, I was like, dude, I totally take that stuff for granted! Like parents, and the outdoors. I love when I've been cooped up in buildings for long periods of time, then go have a barbecue at the lake or go to the beach... it's so awesome! And yeah... parents are always taken for granted. :)