Thursday, August 6, 2009

I never thought I'd want an XBOX

But I sure do now.

I never really wanted one before because I never considered myself a "hardcore gamer," and only the hardcore gamers owned XBoxes. Or just played games on their PC's. The reason why I want one now is because I'm becoming increasingly interested in games that are really only for the XBox, PC, or PS3 (like hell I'm getting a PS3, pfft). And I don't currently own a PC, so PC games are pretty much out. I can play Portal and Half-Life 2 on the Windows partition of my Mac, but it's pretttty slow-goin'. I've also always always always preferred console gaming to computer gaming.

Thing is, is it gonna be worth it? I find that I go through little gaming stages in which I'll play games a lot, for many hours, more than I'll spend online. This'll go on for a few months, and then suddenly I'll stop. As of right now, I've stopped. See, once you have the console, you have to buy more games. I kind of don't like spending $50 a pop on games, because I am cheap. Maybe one day I'll get over this frugality. One day.

I also really want to play Team Fortress 2, and it will not play on my Windows partition because the Mac simply cannot handle it. Sorry, Mac.

Jolls out, like a light. Just like a light.
Other things I want: a new tablet, a recycled-paper (or just tan/brown paper) sketchbook, the scanner right on my desk where I can reach it easier, inspiration.

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¯\(ºдಠ)/¯ said...

well that's why you mod your xbox DUH! =D , I pay $1.50 for each game (blank dual layer dvd) .. seems pretty reasonable to me and then 30 bucks for 12 months of xbox live. so yeah not much is spend, and you get HOURS of entertainment, plus you get to trash talk all the N00bs .. ^_^