Tuesday, August 11, 2009

One of those nights

It all started with me flipping through my oldest high school yearbook (freshman) so I can see my freshman class, so I know what freshmen look like because I have to draw a freshman for a comic project. I kept either making him look too old or too young. I think I've got it now. Whatever, these are just sketches, God knows that anything I've worked on for longer than about 2 minutes is a damn breakthrough nowadays.

I started reading what people wrote in my yearbook. Is it weird that I don't even remember who some of these people are? My memory sucks. Then again, it was like, one or two people only. I started flipping through more and more of my yearbooks, reading what people wrote, looking for my picture and my friends' pictures and José's pictures. Then I started reading old blogs. My blogs, your blogs, mostly yours though, because I find you so interesting all day, err'day.

Then I started to think about this blog again. You and I used our old blogs essentially as online journals, and for a while I endeavoured to have this blog, this very blog, reach top ranks of internet popularity. Why? Because I am an insufferable attention whore. It started out as a sketch blog and evolved (devolved?) to just being another one of my online journals. I journal so damn much. To be one of those bloggers all these random people visit, you have to keep some sort of pattern, be it a topic you write about, a comic you update, a voice that people find humorous, or your art. Your art. My art. And I wanted this to be just that, and I wasn't damn determined enough to keep up with it. And I'm not obsessed or knowledgeable about anything enough to make an entire blog about it, nor am I some sort of super unique writer that spews magic and metaphors every paragraph.

I get most of my comments via facebook.
Maybe I'll take the feed off facebook, when I start talking about more personal things like these ramblings.
And then who will read it?


Lauren Ashley said...

You'd be surprised to see who reads... I've gotten a few comments on my blog from people who I don't know...

BUT... there are only a few... haha. Who knows... maybe someone really cool or famous reads your blog, and just hasn't spoken up yet.


what the heck are "cancins"? it's my Captcha today...

Chelsea said...

I used to have a xanga (still do!). If you ever want to know about what type of person I was when I was 14, go to xanga.com/zenumare!

I actually didn't have a picture in our first yearbook. I came to school a week late. XD

I think cancins are baby cancers...O_o

Brent said...

Hehehe blogs. Such a weird part of us that simultaneously worries so much about privacy settings and copyright but also posts our heart and soul out on public posts. I don't know what you're planning, but whatever it is, just keep posting! We read :D

Brent said...

And your last comment could mean two things: either you are afraid of losing readership, or you're nervous about acquiring creepy followerers. I don't know which is more scary...

captcha: jxediati. as in: I'll have the penne all'arrabbiata with a side of jxediati, please.