Tuesday, January 12, 2010

200th Post!

Yeah nothin' to see here.

So today I went to the Torrance Artist's Guild meeting, which is free even for non-members. As I mentioned in an earlier post, José's uncle was to demonstrate his amazingtastic watercolor skills, and he did! José didn't come with me, so I found another friend from the studio I used to work/paint at, and she introduced me to him. He's so nice and sweet!

I swear, the way he paints is just magical. First you think he's just laying down random brushstrokes willy-nilly, and before you know it, BAM it's a picture! Holy crap! I was blown away. I asked him if he still taught classes, and he said no, but if I rounded up like 5 people he'd be willing to teach us.

I also found out that he actually served as an art director for many ad agencies(!!) and started the Philippine Watercolor Association or something. Right now he currently works as a caricature artist at Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure. Next time you're there, look for a short Filipino man with white hair named Magoo Valencia!

While I was there I was taking notes and drawin' peoples lol.

Also here is a copy of a man naked from the waist. For some reason every time I draw a man's torso it ends up looking fatty fat fat :|


Jenny said...

He only looks fat because his head is small. If his head were bigger, he'd be one tasty, meaty man :)

Glad you went to that. I wish I were somewhere that had things for writers!

Jolls said...

Thanks for the input! :D
Also, I'm sure you can find some sort of writing club or guild somewhere? Perhaps? Hmm.

Also, I'm saving your pic for when I can spend more time on it, but it's comin'~

Brent said...

We have a Guild? I remember you found that random-ass Typographical Museum or something. Nice that you got to meet him, sounds like a greeat contact! And his name is Magoo!

The "do not be afraid of color" note reminds me of a painting I saw a while ago of a mostly white, snowy scene. The commentary below it said that the artist did not use a single stroke of white in the entire photo, and when you look closely you see that the snow is actually purple, blue, red, orange, green... but it looks great!! I wish I remembered something about that artist but alas...

I read "amazingtastic watercolor skills" as "antagonistic watermelon skills" at least twice. @_@

Onhello said...

I know Magoo, he's really good! And, btw, he's my dad!!