Sunday, January 3, 2010

Not a Way and not a Butler

All right, so last night's stint was a close one—posted literally a minute before too late! This time I actually got up off my ass and made something just for the day. Oy.

Meet Gerard!

He's the main character from a comic I'm working on with G and José. He's supposed to be 15 here. I really need to work on the tablet more @_@

Oh, and you may critique this one. Normally I wouldn't want critiques on just sketches, but I'd like some on this one if you've got it. How's his face? Hair? Does he look 15? Stuff like that.

Tune in tomorrow for something different!


Jenny said...

He could look a little younger if you added some pimples. Honestly. Other than that, he has a very young face. But he can be mistaken for a boyish faced man.

Colleen said...

You're very talented and with my drawing skills, you won't get a critque here!

Ellie said...

ok. im going to sound like a pedophile, but he's really cute!!! >///<