Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bad, BAD Jordan!

Aiyaaaahhh, I have officially failed NaBloPoMo. I've been hanging out with friends for the past few days, and also got to thinking that my sketches aren't really good enough to post. But as per request of Jenny, I am still going to post, even if it hurts me ;-;

I actually sketched this one yesterday while at an okonomiyagi restaurant with buddies.

Drew my friends in Star Trek (see the lens flares? see them?!), Benny the elephant with added Nike Dunks and a track jacket (keepin' it real), and a crazy rabbit thing. Brendel drew his character StopCat (with the hexagonal head), and the madrabbit on the left. Oh! And there is longcat :3

Yeah, nonsense.

And THIS ONE I drew just now, because I saw Black Dynamite on Friday which very well could be one of my most favorite movies EVER.

It's a blaxploitation homage/parody film released in October 2009. It was even filmed using old 1970's equipment instead of digitally adding 'retro' effects (like what Tarantino's Grindhouse did). It's ridiculous in the best way possible, and I highly recommend it!

Well, that's it for today, hopefully I keep up this sketching thing.

By the way, if anybody wants me to sketch anything, just leave it in the comments and I'll try to get to it! :D I welcome suggestions.


Jenny said...

I love the second drawing but your little doodle page is outstandingly adorable! These are the kind of things you should post here. Because you can't make a masterpiece a day, but sketching/doodling is still practicing and I know that I would personally love to see practice sketches.

It's like for me and my writing. I write a lot in my journal. None of it is "publishable" per-se, but I still consider it practice :)

Keep it up girl, you're perfect in my eyes.

Justin said...


Just sayin. :P

And it's good to see you getting back on the NBPM wagon, even if you fell off! =]