Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bad Jordan Part 2

Once again, I have failed to blog on not one, but two days of National Blog Posting Month. What've I missed, like 5 days now? I guess a part of me doesn't care since I extended my sketch challenge to a year.

Oh yeah, I didn't even sketch on the past 2 days. I feel bad :(

I did sketch up this character for Jenny:

Somehow the phrase "corporate lumberjack" popped into mind and I just ran with it. This is one of those "is it even worth posting?" sketches.

This month has been a struggle, and rightly so: sketching every day is harder than I had thought. I don't say this with the idea the sketching every day in and of itself is difficult, but rather I should be better than this. It's just sketching. I should be able to do it every day. But on Friday I was doing stuff, and on Saturday I was doing stuff as well.

I felt like the month has been, for the most part, fairly productive. I tied up my teddy bear commission, got through Jason's business card design, am making progress on the comic and G's logo and have two prospective clients just over the horizon. I'm thinking of setting up a single page portfolio so that I have something to show prospective clients, instead of sending a zipped folder over through email. I've wanted a portfolio site for a long time, but only now do I know what I truly want out of it, and I figure a simple one-page site would do for me right now. That way I could slap that on a business card of my own and really get the ball rolling on this freelancing business.

School starts tomorrow, which may or may not bode well for my daily sketching. On one hand I may just be way too busy to sketch, on the other hand I could just submit sketches I did for any one of my 3(!!) art classes, or perhaps being in school will stimulate me. I know it does that to José, probably because our brains are being forced to work and that makes our brains secrete creativity? Does that make any sense? Makes sense that you have to work for your ideas.

I had intended to write something better, perhaps about my discoveries in art and design, but I'm not feeling very eloquent right now so instead of stumbling through it I'll save it for another day. Thank you for your patience.

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Jenny said...

Why do both of your characters carry lethal weapons?? o__o