Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Character a Day

So my good friend Jenny and I are participating in churning out something creative for every day of the year. For me, it's visual art, and for Jenny it's writing. While I post my art on my blog (for now), she's posting her writings over at her FictionPress account, 365 Scribbles.

I was happy to see her take on this challenge, as I believe that any person who practices an art should practice it every day. In order to stimulate our creativity so we don't get lost for ideas, we decided that we're going to take turns choosing a theme for every week.

We will create our works based on these themes, and once a week we will choose one work from the other and interpret it. For example, I'll pick a writing of hers and illustrate it, or she'll take a drawing of mine and bring it to life somehow.

For the next week, the theme is characters.

This should challenge me to create a new and interesting character every day in hopes she'd pick them to write about... after all, I gotta give her somebody interesting to write about, right? Today's an easy one, but remember, she may not pick it! Either way I get a good exercise in character design.

So here she is, our character for today~

I apologize for the lack of balance and proportion. I didn't really do many guidelines for her at all, heh.Hope you still enjoy her!

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Jenny said...

I already love it, but I'll wait to see what the week brings :)