Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Clouds and mountains

So for a change of pace, I decided to render some clouds and mountains. I didn't finish the mountains though.

Composition is crap, but hey, this was just a study, I suppose.

I didn't actually finish the mountains, so here's a screencap of what I have so far. I may finish it, I may not. It's hard work painting in Photoshop.

I thought that since I had taken an oil painting class and have proved to be a decent painter, that I would succeed at digital painting.

It's a totally different animal! I can tell you what color I want to mix but I can't find that specific color on the palette. Blending is lost in me and I'm like a chicken running around with its head cut off. I wanted to do digital painting because it's a great alternative to regular oil painting, which I pretty much can't do in my own home: carpet is everywhere, the rooms are little, I'm worried about ventilation, nowhere to toss out medium, etc. I could always paint back at the studio where I did all my painting homework, but I might as well learn this. It's a great learning experience.

I'm also planning on doing some plein air painting, probably up by the cliffs at the beach or something. I want to learn watercolor, too. The city I live in has a guild for artists, so I'm going to attend their next meeting to see a demo given by... surprise! José's uncle, Magoo Valencia! He's a waterolor artist and I've seen his work, it's pretty amazing. I want to paint watercolors like it. Here are some of his paintings:

How does he do that!?

I love the definition where lines are hard, and the softness of the areas that are blended. Look at that layering! There's so much sensitivity to shape and color here that I want to achieve in my own artwork, so I'm very excited to see his demonstration with José! :D

Again, the artwork is not mine, it was made and belongs to Magoo Valencia. I just yoinked the images from his Facebook and hoped that it was okay. He doesn't have any other website, but if he did I'd like ya'll there.

In the meantime, stay tuned for more~

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s00p said...

your purple mountains are definitely majestic, and ur cloud is well rendered as well! those water color works really are amazing! i can't believe u know this guy!