Friday, January 15, 2010

Comic Project on the Horizon

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before, but I am currently working on a comic with my boyfriend José and out friend G. They are doing the writing while I do the art (pencilling, inking and coloring). We formally started this last summer, but the idea for the comic was birthed during the summer before that. Back then it involved different people: other writers, other artists. Now it's down to us three, and we're gettin' things done.

I met up with both of them (plus Jason, our website guy) after a 2-month long hiatus and we came back hitting the ground running. While they revised the script and cut out a lot of fat, I was doing thumbnail sketches of the panels as they cleared which ones were "finalized" or not. So far I have a few finalized sketches.

Before I used to be really stressed out about how I should go about drawing... while they were making progress in the script, I did no storyboarding at all. Now I know what's going on. While they write and work on the script together (with minimal feedback from me), the three of us will get together to lay out comic pages and decide how it should flow. This part is a mostly 50/50 split when it comes to who decides what, but they tend to listen to me because I've got the design eye, hee. Then once we're satisfied with a layout, I go in and ink and color it. Right now I haven't inked or colored anything, but I'm thinking of doing it entirely on the computer. Hey, I've got that tablet, why let it go to waste? :D

Here are what the thumbnail sketches look like for the first few pages:

I'm not too worred about posting it right now because nobody knows what the hell is going on lol. I basically won't say too much about it until we have our website live and the comics up, and I can tell you that that won't be happening for a while. Once my hectic-ass schedule kicks in, you bet that there are gonna be some setbacks and drawing it all takes a long time for me, not to mention inking and coloring digitally, gah!

It's a challenge, but I hope I and still go through with it, because feeling the project come together today made me pretty excited.

We aren't planning on putting the website live until we at least have a chapter done.
Again, won't be happening for a while but when it does happen, you'll all be the first to know!

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