Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fancy Typography

As a tribute to the trend concerning fancy script typography with lots of loops, curves and swashes, I've sketched this up! It's true, I don't really understand it. They're so pretty and balanced, but they aren't entirely symmetrical. But they're so pretty...!

Jessica Hische pulls it off beautifully.

As does Doyald Young.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jordan. Make your lines THICK on the downstroke, THIN on the upstroke.

get some tracing paper and make a monoline version, then add thick and thin, and fix the space between letters on your first trace. :)

Jolls said...

Wow, advice! Looking back at my drawing, I see what you mean (especially on those I's and l's, yuck). Thank you! :D

Brent said...

I got a fountain pen just so I could improve my writing, and it's hard! There's a lot of stuff that goes into letters...

Also I saw this logo and really like how they put it together: