Monday, January 25, 2010

No / More weapons?

I was getting ready to post a little ditty I sketched up in class today when I read a comment from Jenny stating that my characters so far are all wielding dangerous weapons.

This is the sketch I did today.

I'm totally not thinking about Left4Dead2 or anything, no... no. Maybe a little.
Maybe I like chainsaws?

But anyway, I realized the error of my ways and promptly drew this considerably tamer character just for Jenny:

Blah anatomy blah perspective blah shading. And hey, for all we know he could be immersing himself in a story about fighting off zombies with chainsaws!

So the first day of school was all right, rather tiring but just all right. I have 3 studio art classes and it's pretty much a 12 hour day. Yikes, I know. Due to budget cuts, classes and sections and teachers around the school are being cut so I have less chances of getting the classes I want. Because of that, I nabbed all the classes I could and gave a big F U to a comfortable schedule. At least I'm out at 12:15 on Tuesdays, teehee.

This semester I'm taking Beginning Illustration, Intermediate Typography and Intermediate Graphic Design. And those are just the art classes. The others are General Biology and Introduction to Management. The reason why all my studio arts are squished into one day is because I have a biology lab on Thursday and Thursday alone, which is long and overlaps all the times I could take other art classes. Labs are so retarded and they mess up your schedule. But I'll tough it out, I'll find a way to keep myself energized on those long Mondays and Wednesdays.

And still have time for daily sketchin's!


Jenny said...

Haha, it doesn't bother me that they're all carrying weapons, I was just pointing out an observation. I like the kid though, it's full of potential :)

Brent said...

How about characters with un-dangerous weapons?

Gyllilian said...

Awww I love this little ginger kid that you drew. The pajamas kind of remind me of you and your sister. I think you have a real gift for the simple graphics, especially the animals. I think light watercolors are something you'd be great at, simple but beautiful.