Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Safe to say that I failed

To think I had such high hopes for putting out a sketch per day on this blog. I gotta hand it to me though, I did keep it up for about 2 months. Then it started to intimidate me. I thought more about the quality of my sketches, and obviously I can't churn out something amazing every single day. I know that's the point of the whole exercise/challenge, but I'm just not mentally ready for it.

Nowadays I actually do sketch more often than I used to, and without the obligation of posting it. Probably because of school heh, but now I don't feel like a mild anxiety attack coming on when I put pen to paper. Now I just need to work on the same thing for computer art. Baby steps.

5 classes this semester, 3 of them studio arts. It's kind of killing me. I can feel that I'm only doing a mediocre job in all of them. This isn't going to be an all-A's semester (I guess I shouldn't have gotten used to those 2 glorious semesters it did happen). After all this, my mom still wants me to fill my class load to the brim with 6 classes next semester. All I gotta say is heeeeeellll no, not this time. I'm going to drop out of one of the art classes, because I'm tired of mediocrity.

I really hope my life will be better after college. I feel like it's "just okay" right now, that all the good stuff is just around the corner, beyond a door I can't open yet. You know when that happens like in Zelda games? You have to get the giant key so you can get another heart container or something? It's like that.

Only thing is, I don't know what the key is, and I don't know what's beyond the door.

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Brendel. said...

fuck what your mom wants. you're the one taking the classes, not her. do whatever it is you're doing for yourself. to her she wants you to "maximize your potential." but to what end? don't spread yourself too thin, even the best only have so much talent to spread out.