Tuesday, August 17, 2010

...Now What?

I created a new deviantArt account for these reasons:
  • To separate work I did back then, from work I do now (as I'm under the impression that I am a different artist now than I was back then)
  • To utilize deviantArt's new Portfolio feature as my professional graphic design portfolio
  • To claim "theJollity" name on that site—it's my handle everywhere else, gotta stay consistent ;)
I could have easily used the Portfolio feature on my old account, but I didn't want it attached to such an old name (midniteBLAZE) with such old art. At the same time, I enjoyed that account that I've had for 6 years, so I'm not just going to flat out delete the work there, or the account itself. It is still there!

Anyway, I'm looking at my blank deviantArt account now, and it's making me want to draw something really, really nice so I can slap it up there. I'm looking back at my older account, at my older drawings, wondering how I was able to draw all that back then. Lately it seems like it takes so much for me just to pick up a pencil and sketch.

So... now what?

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