Thursday, September 23, 2010

México: The Place You Thought You Knew

I consider myself an avid traveller forever stuck with wanderlust. I've been to plenty of countries around the world thanks to my military upbringing, and I've got plenty more on my list. Mexico has never been on that list until now.

Growing up in the Philippines, Okinawa and Germany left me with little to no exposure to anything Mexican. Living in Southern California for about 9 years now didn't really change that, even though there's a large Mexican population here. All I knew about Mexico was Tijuana, tacos, and burritos, and not even the good kind. I feel like plenty of people down here feel the same sort of jaded disinterest in anything Mexican, so when I saw the new México: The Place You Thought You Knew ad campaign, I was pleasantly surprised.

(via Flickr)

I started seeing these ads on billboards, and frankly I think they're brilliant. Each one has a stunning image accompanied by a surprising fact about Mexico, like the above "Trees? 100 feet underwater?" or "A cave that could fit the Statue of Liberty?" I really couldn't help but repeat it to myself.

The ad campaign is brilliant. The use of facts in the form of questions echoes how most people (myself included!) would react to learning about this stuff. And to be honest, it does make me want to visit Mexico. I want to see the underwater trees!!

The logo is also very, very nice. 


I absolutely love the font choice, and the lowercase "é" amongst the uppercase letters gives a sense of playfulness, also given by the choice of color. The little patterns inside are a very nice touch, very personal and human. They want you to visit Mexico because Mexico is fun, colorful, and has lots of culture. The logo conveys that clearly, and fits really well with the ads.

In addition to print ads, there have been commercial spots. They take what the ad started and expand on it, romanticizing the adventure and essence of travelling and the unique experiences that comes with it—specifically the one-of-a-kind experiences you can get if you go to Mexico!

The dialogue highlights things that you would've missed out on if you had gone anywhere else. The images actually makes me think of other places like Hawaii or the Caribbean Islands, even though they provide subtitles telling you where these places are. Then they hit you with the Mexico logo and slogan. In the world of commercial ads, I don't feel like it's too especially unique—there are others that are as feel-good and nice as this—but the print ads are quite powerful and effective.

I thought I had more to say when I set out to write this post. I can't say much more than I have: the campaign works, it wowed me, and definitely reached its goal with me: I want to visit Mexico. Prior to this I've never been interested, and now I am. Mexican Tourism Board, I tip my hat to you!

Here are more of the ads for your enjoyment.

Monday, September 6, 2010

How clever is this logo?

Just look at this logo and tell me it doesn't just kill you with cleverness.

The 11th Hour

Graphic for my good friend Lauren's NaNoWriMo '10 novel, The 11th Hour.
Even though November is still 2 months away, I've heard what the story is about and read some of the character bios (available on her blog, Limitless Ramblings) and it sounds like it's going to be reeeeeaaally good :D

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Thursday, September 2, 2010

For every other major that thinks art students have it easy

Because we don't have to buy $100-dollar books or study long hours...

Approx. $130 worth of supplies for two classes, to start—not counting the ~$50 I'll have to spend on more supplies down the road. Each class is 2.75 hours long, with 2 sessions per week. It takes at least 5 extra hours to complete work outside of class.

I think it evens out.

Also, this is nowhere near the $250 I spent on just my painting class last year XD