Saturday, December 4, 2010

All Downhill from Here

I haven't blogged here in... wow, just over a month. It's the same old song and dance: projects, studying, bits of social life, projects, projects, projects. But now the semester is winding to an end as the holiday season picks up speed, and you know what the holiday season brings? Snowboarding season.

I had the pain pleasure of experiencing snowboarding for the first time this year, way back in February, and after I came out loving it, I'm getting pumped for the new season. I bought some new snow pants (they're a little tight, but they'll do for now) at Ski-dazzle yesterday, and my dad dug up an old snowboard he bought off my uncle years ago and now it's mine.

I'm very grateful for this... I mean, free snowboard! Wow! That was easily going to be the most expensive thing since I'm starting to get my own gear. Luckily it's also just my size (it reaches my nose). There's only one small issue I have with it.

The design is ugly.

It's just... for real? Really? Yeah, not really my cup of tea.

However, I am still keeping the board, and I very much intend to use it on the slopes come January. But after the season is done, I am going to make it my personal project to completely redesign the board. It's not going to be easy, since there's a lot more prepping and protection going on aside from the paint because it has to be able to withstand the elements. I think it'll be a fun and useful project for me, and by doing it throughout the year instead of during my winter break, I'll be giving myself lots of time to finish. During the break I'll be focusing on my portfolio.

So yeah, there's that!

Sorry I haven't been on. I'll try to update again after finals, maybe show off some of my projects. I don't know who actually reads this anymore, so I don't really know who to apologize to. Oh well!

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Brendel. said...

i don't really think the design of your board matters if you only go snowboarding like once or twice a year. when i last rented a board it was brown and pink with some ugly painted cats on it.

come to think of it i think it was a girl's board.

meh, as long as it was a board.