Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Day of Mixed Feelings

Today was the last day of summer class for me, and the reason why I couldn't go with my family up to San José for the past few days. Mika and my parents are up there so Mika can attend her freshman orientation at SJSU. How exciting! Bummer that I had to miss out. Now I'm all alone.

Anyway, I woke up pretty frazzled and excited. The night before, I had gotten an email from a prospective design client stating that he thought my portfolio was great and was interested in hiring me. Then he asked for my rate, to which I silently said, "Uuuuuuuhhhh...?"

I went to my art history class to turn in my final exam (it was a take-home) and go through some of the designs we had to pick that were our favorites. It was pretty interesting, but the real interesting part came AFTER that. When everybody had left, my professor agreed to look at my portfolio. I prepared about 12 pieces—things that sucked, things that didn't, and everything in between, because that's what I thought he wanted. Turns out he only wanted to see what I considered my "best" XD So I showed him what I got and... and he said it was just all right. To be honest, I was pretty much expecting that. He seemed to like my Muse spread the best, despite the glaring flaw that Matthew Bellamy is landed straight in the gutter. He actually recommended turning it into a poster because the image was already so good! He wasn't too crazy about my ReefGeek identity, and he hated my Team Fortress 2 package!

It was very different getting critique from him than it was getting it from my other professor, Stephanie. Everything she liked and appreciated, he shot down and said to do something else. Admittedly, on some parts I agreed with him, but it was so topsy-turvy I was getting confused. He said that generally, my work looks like it's been done before. There's not enough creativity and play in it, like I'm thinking too "real world" and not exploring any new ideas—just going with what's safe. He was Simon Cowell, telling me that the songs I chose were too safe. I understand. I'm glad somebody is telling me to push it to the limit.

At the end of it, he told me that I can send him pdfs of more things I've done and that I should stop by his office hours during the school year. :D He said he likes my enthusiasm! Hurray!

So that was sorta mixed feelings. After that, I got a call from an assistant graphic design job I applied for saying that they wanted to interview me! GASP! I'm being interviewed this Friday morning!!! GASP!! I'm both happy, excited and terrified! I haven't put together my print portfolio yet! Gah! And especially after Byrom's critique, I'm not sure that I want to...! I'm pretty terrified now.

And then on-and-off studying while catching the World Cup Semifinals... Germany lost... I was so sad, like I've never been sadder for a sporting event but I was so sad I could hardly concentrate. That didn't stop me from finishing my exam first though, heh.

So yeah, mixed feelings abound. Blah.

Maybe I should cancel/reschedule my interview...?