Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Black Swan

Today I watched Black Swan with a friend, and I was absolutely blown away. It left me in cold sweat, gasping at the end. I couldn't stop thinking about it, yet I couldn't bring myself to find the words to talk about it. Barring perhaps Toy Story 3, Black Swan is the best movie I've seen this year.

Now, if you've seen the movie already (or just don't care for spoilers), feel free to click below the cut to read my thoughts. If not, go see it the next chance you get. I highly recommend it.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Shoes, too?!

Today while my parents and I were sorting through old shoes to figure out what to keep and what to donate to the Salvation Army, we came across a Vans box, with a brand new pair of Vans in it!

I tried them on, and surprisingly, they fit very well and actually feel quite comfortable. I've never had a pair of Vans slip-ons before, so I decided to keep them. Because nobody has ever bought these, I thought they had come from the Philippines. My dad used to go to the Philippines a lot, and sometimes he'd come home with shoes—most of them very convincing knock-offs of popular brands, like Converse. He doesn't remember ever getting these, but I'm still convinced that they are grade-A Filipino shoes. Other evidence that it came from the Philippines? It has Minnie Mouse all over it, but the name "Millay" is written below her. Every single time. Sure looks like a fob shoe to me, and a damn good copy too XD

Can anybody guess what I'm about to say next?

I'm going to repaint these shoes!

Not that the Minnie Mouse pattern and, uh, "Millay" aren't cute, but c'mon—free canvas shoes? I can't not paint on them. That would be ludicrous. 

This project is much more likely to happen than the snowboard one, at least in terms of time. I can totally paint over this during winter break. But the big question is: what should I paint on it?

I've thought of a few themes:
  • Space (black, purple and blue with stars and nebulas and stuff)
  • Adventure Time (with Jake the doooog and Finn the human!)
  • Octopus (oh you know)
  • Elephants 
  • CMYK or some other really cliché designer thing
  • Avatar: the Last Airbender
  • Some kind of nice abstract pattern with colors I don't really have for shoes right now
Right now probably the last one, ha.
If ya'll have any awesome ideas or even more awesome tips on painting these shoes, hit me up with a comment!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Making paper, making paper, lalala!

I've started the 365 Photos project on Facebook, and basically you take one photo every day for a year, to show other people what your life is like. Well, 3 out of the 10 I have so far are of papers that I made in papermaking class just drying out at my house XD This is my life.

I put it on my car!!! And that amused me to no end! Now I know I've gone mad.

Monday, December 6, 2010


I'm a blog junkie.

I love reading through endless streams of blogs on productivity, "life hacks," design tips, zen habits, and other things that could potentially make my life better, if I just did them instead of read them! In the day and age of sharing, where the individual and the community is almost one and the same over the internet, it's interesting to see how different people operate—particularly creative people.

Creative people are an odd bunch. Being creative, in and of itself, just means that you're able to see things and make connections in ways nobody else does. Being creative is being clever, and everybody can be creative. But being a creative professional is another story entirely. Suddenly, this phenomenon known as "creativity," which we Americans have grown up to believe is something magical like a visit from a unicorn, must be harnessed, saddled up, tamed, trained, and put to work on a day-to-day basis. And for most people, that's when it gets hard. The clashing of creativity, long believed to be something that just came to you like a bolt of lightning, with the grind of routine is so irritating that it leaves a lot of people (students in particular!) feeling stuck, lost, and alone. That's why I read so many damn help-blogs and not do a damn thing about it.

So when I saw an article titled The 1-Step Plan for Super-Productivity, you bet I had to read it! To sum it up, the one step is simply getting up early.

I don't like getting up early. I am a self-professed and long-proven night owl, and I can be most productive at night! That's when all the ideas come! Sort of! Besides, I can be more productive without distractions, no matter what time of the day!

And then it hit me why waking up early is such a good idea.

Even though I tend to get my ideas late at night and that's when my mind tends to race, that's when everybody else is up, too. I'm a night owl among night owls, and with IMs pinging left and right I can hardly get anything done. And it's not like I pull myself away from it, either. I will fully own up to my weakness of talking to everybody on the internet! So despite my great distaste, I guess I'll try waking up earlier.

I can already see the benefits. Nothing but sleep comes before waking up early, and if I give myself enough time between sleeping and having to go to class, my mind will be empty enough to concentrate on things I need to do, like write a term paper or finalize the concept for my final project. Then, later on, when I've had all my experiences of the day and there are lots of things to distract me, I can start on the easier aspects of a project, like building it if it's physical, or moving it around in InDesign or Illustrator or what have you. Just don't make me concentrate when I've got all the internets goin' on, nothing will happen, I know this, and I'm going to work with it instead of against it.

It is not 1:10 AM. At the rate I'm going at, I'll be asleep by 2AM. I'll try to be up at 8AM. I can't guarantee a damn thing, but I can try?

I can try!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

All Downhill from Here

I haven't blogged here in... wow, just over a month. It's the same old song and dance: projects, studying, bits of social life, projects, projects, projects. But now the semester is winding to an end as the holiday season picks up speed, and you know what the holiday season brings? Snowboarding season.

I had the pain pleasure of experiencing snowboarding for the first time this year, way back in February, and after I came out loving it, I'm getting pumped for the new season. I bought some new snow pants (they're a little tight, but they'll do for now) at Ski-dazzle yesterday, and my dad dug up an old snowboard he bought off my uncle years ago and now it's mine.

I'm very grateful for this... I mean, free snowboard! Wow! That was easily going to be the most expensive thing since I'm starting to get my own gear. Luckily it's also just my size (it reaches my nose). There's only one small issue I have with it.

The design is ugly.

It's just... for real? Really? Yeah, not really my cup of tea.

However, I am still keeping the board, and I very much intend to use it on the slopes come January. But after the season is done, I am going to make it my personal project to completely redesign the board. It's not going to be easy, since there's a lot more prepping and protection going on aside from the paint because it has to be able to withstand the elements. I think it'll be a fun and useful project for me, and by doing it throughout the year instead of during my winter break, I'll be giving myself lots of time to finish. During the break I'll be focusing on my portfolio.

So yeah, there's that!

Sorry I haven't been on. I'll try to update again after finals, maybe show off some of my projects. I don't know who actually reads this anymore, so I don't really know who to apologize to. Oh well!